Procedure for Eye Makeup to Look Beautiful and attractive Eyes


When it comes to making up your eyes, there are a few insider beauty tricks you can use to amp up your eyes. Here, I show you how to apply in your eye makeup using these tricks. If you do it correctly, your eye makeup will last all day.

Step 1 : Get prepared your eyes with concealer :  First of all apply little amount of concealer around your eyes. Concealer can be used to cover-up dark circles. Put two or three dots of concealer around your eyes where the skin seems to be darkest. Then massage or rub it smoothly with your finger pores until the dark circles completely disappears.

Recommended concealer :

Step 2. Apply eye base/primer on your eyelids : Apply gradulllay eye primer on your eyelids. The purpose of eye primer is that it keeps makeup in place for many hours and enables eye shadow colors start looking more bright and attractive.

Step 3. Apply eye shadow : Before anything else select your eye shadow colors accroding to your taste. It looks awesome to make use of three well toned shadow and then expand from lids to brow. First begin with a light eye shadow that probably fits or suits your lid. Then spread the color throughout your lid and up to your brow bone. After that apply mid-tone color on the lower lid by using a soft eye shadow brush. Start from the inner corner of the eye and spread around to the outer edge. And then at the end add the darkest color on the crease of eye(curve of your eye socket) by using angle eye shadow brush. Merge all colors well.

Recommended eye shadow :

Step 4. Apply eyeliner smoothly : Apply eyeliner on to the top of the eyelash line. Begin the process from outside the eye and draw to the center of the eyelash. Then again start drawing from the inner eye to the midpoint combining the two lines. For smoky eyes, dab a brush in a dark eye shadow and apply it on upper and lower eyelids. Do the same procedure for both eyes.

Recommended eyeliner :

Step 5. Beauty your eyes with a highlighter: This phase includes only the inside portion of an eye. Now apply gold or silver highlighter on to the inner conrner of your eye from top to bottom by using fluffy eye shadow brush. Do this medthod by moving the brush all over the eye area in rounded motion. This will help make eyes ” Rock and Roll”.

Step 6. Highlight your eyebrow bone : Hold the same highlighter and sprinkle it on your brow bone, focusing on your mid-brow externally and blend with your finger tips.

Step 7. Curl your eyelashes : With the help of eyelash curler you can easily curl your lashes. First, drag the switch on the curler to start it. Then move the curler all over your lashes and provide them a light press. Be careful, don’t press your skin. Do the same method for both eyes.

Step 8. Apply mascara on to your lashes : Now finally after curling lashes, apply mascara on it. First, push the tips of lashes with your mascara wand. Then put the mascara towards your lashes and move the brush in upward direction, proving them a little bit thickness. Perform the same process on both eyes.

Recommended mascara :

That’s all you have done to make your eyes beautiful and attractive.